10 TASSIMO TEA T-Disc Sampler!  All TEA, No coffee!
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  • 10 TASSIMO T-Disc TEA Sampler! At least 3-4 unique TASSIMO TEA varieties! Tetley, Twinings, sometimes more according to availability.
  • You will receive 10 T-discs, the picture is just a stock photo- you will NOT receive just what is pictured.
  • NO COFFEE, only TEA.  Here is an example of what we have - Tetley Green Tea, English Breakfast, Orange Pekoe Tea, Twinnings Earl Grey, Green Tea & Mint, Peppermint, Chamomile, you may not receive all listed and may receive others not listed, this is just an example, your sampler will be packed according to our current stock.
  • This is a handpicked sampler and will not be in the manufacturers original packaging.
  • This is a stock photo.  Exclusively for the Tassimo Home Brewing System.

10 TASSIMO TEA T-Disc Sampler! All TEA, No coffee!

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