12 Cup DEEP DARK Roast  Sampler! DARK ROAST!
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  • 12 Cup DEEP DARK Roast Sampler! No duplicates! 12 Unique DARK Roast Single Serve cups.
  • Some examples of which Brands of cups you may receive are - Community Coffee, Brown gold, Twisted Pine,Donut Shop, French Market, Java Factory
  • This is a handpicked sampler, NOT in original manufacturers packaging.
  • Substitutions possible due to inventory, if substitutions are made, they will be DARK Roast Single serve cups are not sweetened, you must add your own blend of sweeteners and cream to make your dream cup!
  • Photo is an example of varieties you may receive, you may not receive all pictured and may receive others not pictured.

12 Cup DEEP DARK Roast Sampler! DARK ROAST!

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