12 cup Delicious CHOCOLATE Decadence Sampler!
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  • 12 cup Delicious CHOCOLATE Decadence Single Serve cup Sampler!
  • Some examples of which Single serve cups you may receive are -
  • Archer farms Dark chocolate Trufffle
  • Hurricane Coconut Fudge
  • Authentic Donut shop chocolate chip cookie
  • ECS Coffee Coconut Caramel Chocolate Cookie Crunch regular or decaf
  • ECS Double Chocolate Brownie DECAF
  • Oh fudge
  • Martinson Mint n Mocha
  • Martinson Cup O cocoa
  • Grove Square Mocha Cocoa (coffee & Cocoa)
  • Java Factory Choconut
  • Other flavors possible, you may not receive all flavors listed. Guaranteed at least 8 different varieties (maybe more) of delicious chocolate inspired flavors of our stock of coffee and hot cocoa, you will receive more coffee varieties than cocoa.
  • Coffee Single serve cups are not sweetened, you must add your own blend of sweeteners and cream to make your dream cup!
  • NOT in original manufacturers packaging. Substitutions possible due to inventory, if substitutions are made, they will be chocolate inspired.

12 cup Delicious CHOCOLATE Decadence Sampler!

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