20 TASSIMO BOLD T-Disc Sampler! 9 unique Varieties!
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  • 20 TASSIMO T-Disc BOLD Sampler! At least 9 unique Bold/Extra Bold/Dark/Expresso varieties! This sampler is for the people who like their coffee strong! No light coffee here! kenco, Carte Noire, Maxwell House, Gevalia ++
  • You may NOT receive all pictured, you may receive others not pictured
  • At Least 9 UNIQUE Varieties - ALL Bold, Extra Bold & Expresso T-Discs. NO Teas, chocolates or light roasts.
  • This is a random mix of our Bold/Extra Bold/Dark/Expresso varieites, but here are some flavors you may receive.....Maxwell House French Roast, Carte Noire Signature Roast, Gevalia Dark Breakfast, Dark Italian, Dark House, Kona, King Joe Expresso, Carte Noire Expresso plus others!
  •  Exclusively for the Tassimo Home Brewing System.

20 TASSIMO BOLD T-Disc Sampler! 9 unique Varieties!

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