20 TASSIMO T-Disc Variety Sampler 20 unique varieties!
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  • You will receive 20 T-discs, you will receive 20 unique varieties, this is a random mix, the picture is just a stock photo- you will NOT receive all pictured
  • 20 UNIQUE Varieties - mainly coffees, but also possible is a few decafs, hot teas, Iced teas,  a nice variety. No hot chocolates or 2 part t-discs included in this sampler since they are liquid and may leak.
  • This is a random mix of our flavors, but here are some flavors you may receive.....Kenco Colombian, Jacobs Kroenung, Signature blend decaf, Mastro Crema Intenso, Tea bar Rasberry Iced tea, Tim Hortons, Gevalia French Vanilla, Earl grey tea, Expresso, Gevalia Colombia, Gevalia Morning Roast. Milka hot chocolate, Kenco Caffe Crema, Carte Norte Vol corse, Kenco medium, plus other flavors possible, we have a huge selection! You may NOT receive all flavors listed and will receive flavors notlisted, this is truley a random mix to sample.
  • You may not receive all pictured and may receive others not pictured, this is a stock photo.
  • Exclusively for the Tassimo Home Brewing System. NOT for use in Keurig K-cup or Vue cup machines!

20 TASSIMO T-Disc Variety Sampler 20 unique varieties!

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