Marvel Capt’n America Shield Hazelnut
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Marvel Captain America Shield Hazelnut the back story: During WWII, Frail Steve Rogers was offered a place in the military's top-secret biological experiment, operation: Rebirth. He was injected with an experimental super-soldier serum and emerged from the treatment with heightened endurance, strength and reaction time. Who knows after a cup of Shield Hazelnut you might just have heightened endurance and reaction time. Test results not in on added strength - yet!

Compatible witht the 2.0 brewer.

1 Single Serve Cup - For use in  Single Cup Brewers

Brews in most single cup brewers such as Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Single Serve, BUNN MCU Single Serve Combo Brewer, Cuisinart Single Serve, Mr Coffee Single Serve, and the MOST popular Single Cup Brewers.

Marvel Capt’n America Shield Hazelnut

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